Saturday 14 January 2012

Who are ya?

In recent days, a procession of twitter posts have hit our timeline making much of the fact that CFCTruth carries no names. We have been asked "what we stand for" too.We find this remarkably ironic given recent anonymous attacks on dead men. However, allow us to make some things very clear.

What do CFCTruth represent or stand for? 
That really is very simple. From the moment the EGM was announced, during the meeting itself and the aftermath since, we have seen endless quite outrageously silly, untrue and hysterical pronouncements from both SNCPO and those claiming to represent them. This blog has pointed many of them out. Further, this blog has given some extremely relevant and accurate information and background on what is actually happening with various stadium issues. The very simple inference that you may draw from all of this is that we aim to counterbalance SNCPO's very pernicious and increasingly dishonest statements; statements which with every story relating to club activity become ever more hysterical, even libellous and astonishingly brazen in their dissembling. We now even have letters circulating that actually question the independence of the Electoral Reform Service and inviting people to treat the voting process with suspicion.

Worst of all, as part of their attempt to take over the board of CPO, they use this supposed doubt over the ERC to encourage people to send their proxy votes to them, regardless of the shareholder's view and are thus giving rise to the possibility of the misappropriation of the voting rights of that individual to further SNCPOs aims. A disgraceful and desperate way to behave we think you will agree.

So CFCTruth represents the alternative, sensible, factual view, a resource all fans and shareholders clearly need. And further, we seek to expose and articulate the dangers of allowing an unrepresentative, confrontational and negative group from gaining the sort of authority that would see the club's hands tied. SNCPO have now fully subscribed to the position that the club, in the person of Abramovich, is now revealed as a dishonest, evil, property pirate who has one interest; to steal Stamford Bridge from Chelsea Football Club in order to make a profit. Quite apart from the factual nonsense of that, it is simply no way for a board of CPO to be behaving and thus it must be prevented. Who else is going to provide the other side of the argument when SNCPO have been, for so long, casting the club in such a light? The club simply cannot, when the vulnerable, febrile imaginations of concerned fans have been filled with such nonsense, make a case without suspicion?

Then we have the matter of "who we are". Again, given the practice of SNCPO to vilify anybody with an opposing view to them (we all remember the abusive website set up to 'expose' and intimidate supposed Yes voters, the false Twitter accounts, the libellous statements and then the deeply distasteful accusations against dead men) we feel it is simply best to state the facts in this blog and allow genuine fans and shareholders to see information and news that is based on unimpeachable sources - and to then make their own minds up based on those facts rather than have their attention diverted by childish character assassination of those who are providing them. In short, it is irrelevant who we are.

And so then to our "position" on the stadium move. Again, very, very simple.

  • We believe the club has several aims that include satisfying a very pressing need to improve the business model of the club in light of UEFA FFP. This is not new. This is something many fans have discussed for years and understand. 
  • We do not believe the club wish to move from Stamford Bridge if there is an option to remain.
  • We do not believe in any way that the club wishes to move very far from the SB site. We also understand that the club is working in an extremely difficult and volatile property market in a very congested and politically sensitive part of London. Consequently, we feel they should be given as much flexibility as possible to achieve the best outcome. 
  • We also believe, very firmly, that CPO was not ever intended to curtail the club's ability to improve the viability of the business. It was very specifically created to stop the possibility that the club would no longer exist. This very clear principle has been subverted and abused by SNCPO. 
  • We do not believe that a stadium move is in any way whatsoever a cover for malicious profiteering by Roman Abramovich or anybody else for that matter. The existence of a spectacular new stadium simply rubbishes that most specious and ridiculous of claims completely. 
 What we are then left with is location. Fans have different views on this of course. But what is absolutely necessary is that the board of CPO and its shareholders are able to make a decision based solely on THAT issue. Not suspicions aroused by SNCPO that it is actually about destroying the club; not based on a blind nostalgia relating to SB; not based on lies and malice about and towards the club. And we believe that the club requires the freedom to make those important planning and development decisions that we firmly feel are, and will be, solely in the interests of making CFC a solvent and successful football club.

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