Monday 9 January 2012

More inaccurate information from our 'friends' at SayNoCPO?

There is a document on the internet that our 'friends' at SayNoCPO (SNCPO) like to direct people towards, it is the one that lists major purchases of shares made after the EGM date was announced last October. Interestingly it only disseminates information on people alleged to be 'yes' voters and ignores the huge number of shares bought by the 'no' voters at the urging of SNCPO.

One of the accusations made is that Richard King's (former chairman of CPO until he resigned in the wake of the EGM) father Philip King bought £10000 worth of CPO shares after the EGM was announced. This is one of the transactions queried in the aforementioned document as being part of the "fraudulent shares" that SNCPO continually harp on about. Well we can report that sadly Richard King's father died when Richard was only 6 years old so this is yet another example of not letting the truth get in the way of a good conspiracy theory!

It makes us here at CFCtruth wonder how many more of the accusations made in this fabled document are also either inaccurate or possibly even made up?

If you care about the future of Chelsea Football Club and are a CPO shareholder either attend the forthcoming AGM in person or support the existing board of CPO by giving your proxy to the Chairman, Steve Frankham. Oh and one more thing, vote against resolution 3 to re-elect SNCPO's Gray Smith.

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