Friday 13 January 2012

CPO AGM - A guide to voting

With the CPO AGM on January 20th rapidly approaching we thought it was time to tell you how we think you should vote on the various resolutions. Needless to say our advice is somewhat different to that of SayNoCPO (SNCPO).


1.       For  -  No logical reason to oppose
2.       For  -  Served CPO well as Chairman in the past and will undoubtedly do so again.
3.       Against  -  Leading SNCPO activist, formerly on steering committee, tainted by SNCPO
                          attacks on Rick Glanvill.
4.       For  -  Former CPO Director and a man many fans will trust.
5.       For  -  Long standing Chelsea fan, author and journalist.
6.       For  -  Long standing and dedicated servant of the CPO.
7.       For  -  No logical reason to oppose.
8.       For  -  Standard business practice.
9.       For  -  Figures show only 12% of CPO shareholders are current members or season ticket
                    holders. We believe shares should go back on sale so the wider Chelsea support
                    can have their say.
10.     For  -  Technical resolution regarding waving requirement to offer existing shareholders 
                    any new shares first.
11.     Against  -  Increasing the number of Directors may result in a disproportionate 
                          representation of SNCPO activists on the CPO board         

Please note that unless you are supporting SNCPO’s desire to oust the current board you SHOULD NOT follow their instructions to send your proxy to Clint Steele, Dave Spring or anyone else supporting SNCPO’s position. Instead simply return your form in the pre-paid envelope supplied with the documents you received. Leave the proxy name blank and the Chairman, Steve Frankham, will act as your proxy for the above and any other resolutions tabled on the day.

PLEASE NOTE:- Proxies need to arrive with the ERS at the latest by 11am on Wednesday 18th Jan so time is getting very short, act now!!


  1. Some of us who aren't CPO shareholders wouldn't mind seeing the resolutions.

  2. Apologies, did not pick up this comment. You can download a proxy form from the CPO website which sets out the resolutions that were voted upon