Sunday 22 January 2012


Now that we have been able to see that the mythical fixed vote did not materialise - and not a murmur was heard, by they way, from those most vociferous on the matter when the vote was announced - perhaps we can begin to move forward. We at CFCTruth believe that CPO is something of an anomaly when it comes to representing the views and interests of all Chelsea fans. And as we have seen, a determined, aggressive lobby, prepared to use intimidation, smears, subterfuge, hostile media and frankly, lies, to work up the minority can gain more influence than they deserve. So we have a few ideas for resolutions that we hope will be considered and adopted by the new board.

They are just a few of the many proposals that will undoubtedly come forward. Some could be resolutions and others are merely suggestions for how to proceed generally.

1. That CPO should undertake a determined campaign to engage the entire existing shareholder base, setting out the REAL issues with respect to the club's development. This should also be an exercise in updating the shareholder records. Proposals below will help in this process.

2. That shares, whether already purchased or purchased in future may not be transferred but may be sold back to CPO. Only the person making the payment must be registered as the shareholder. This is made easier for those unable to afford shares by provisions made in item four below.

3. That a vetting procedure with more stringent identification be put in place and that no future shares sold be held by companies or trusts, thus ending the spurious accusations of corruption against board members

4. That a marketing campaign to season ticket holders AND Members be fully realised, offering easy payment schemes. It may be appropriate that in order to own a share in future, you must be either a ST holder or Member. We believe Members MUST be included in this as they have a very real interest in a future, larger stadium for obvious reasons.

5. That henceforth, all shareholders, under whatever circumstances of shareholding should be 18 or over

6. That voting must be either in person at meetings, by postal vote or by proxy to the chairman and that all such proxy votes sent to the chairman must INSTRUCT the chairman how to vote or thereby be invalidated. Abstentions must be registered also, thus counting as valid, qualifying votes. This will prevent third parties, who campaign for proxies to be sent to them, misappropriating the shareholder's vote at meetings.

7. That from the date of the next formal AGM, no shareholders at any future EGM will be able to vote unless they had done so (in person, by postal vote or by determined chairman's proxy)at the previous AGM. Only those registered as having voted by any of those methods at that previous AGM will be invited to attend and vote at any future EGM. We understand that this and number six may not be permissible under company law but if so, we would welcome it.

8. That at future AGMs or EGMs, speakers from the floor are allowed only one opportunity to speak (with clear time limits) and that any abusive individuals, or those engaging in intimidation, are removed from the room and their vote, whether already cast by proxy or post be invalidated. If they have not voted, they will be barred from doing so at the meeting.

9. That greater clarification as to what constitutes a concert or party vote be articulated in the Articles of Association.

10. That the limit of 1,000 shares per annum be lifted but that future share purchases, under the new stricter procedures, be limited to just ten per individual.

11. Curiously, Hammersmith and Fulham council, according to an email read out at the AGM, have concluded, after many meetings with Chelsea (something they had previously denied had occurred) that Stamford Bridge can be expanded. CPO should encourage CFC to demand that the council publish their explanations and solutions as to how they feel the ground can be developed.

We believe that these, and other ideas will lead to a far more representative, honest and fair shareholder experience. It incentivises participation. With greater numbers, greater clarity and less intimidation, along with stronger procedures, we feel that any proposals put by the club in future will stand a better chance of receiving a fair and equitable hearing. By introducing measures that place a responsibility on shareholders to engage with the process fully and appropriately or risk losing a right to vote, the outcome of any vote will simply paint a clearer picture of what ALL fans wish to happen and not just a vocal, blinkered and hostile few.

We welcome any comments people may have. We may of course add to this list as time progresses.

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