Tuesday 29 November 2011

Spit it out!

Interesting news has reached us that design company Populous were commissioned by CFC some weeks ago, possibly in order to be involved with the Battersea feasibility project. They have history in such things. It certainly shows that the club are engaging in some very nifty option-exploring projects around the capital and have all and sundry dancing to their tune.

Meanwhile word reaches us from within SNCPO that the people now running the show are Clint “It could still be Milton Keynes” Steele, Mark Wyeth QC, Paul Todd, Dave Spring and Gray Smith, a cabal that managed to push the original committee out of the picture (which certain original members are, allegedly unhappy about). Why, we wonder, can we tell you this when the SNCPO itself refuses to do so? And why are they busy telling all who will listen that Paul Todd is nothing to do with SNCPO any longer when, it would appear, he’s still heavily involved? Very curious.

Friday 25 November 2011

South of the river?

With the intriguing news about the club investigating the option of building a new stadium in Battersea, CFCTruth understands that things are far from dead on the Earls Court front too with the point being argued behind the scenes that a football stadium might fulfil the ‘cultural provision’ part of the planning requirements of the site and with Boris and the Mayor’s office also showing an interest. Maybe the still-mysterious people behind SNCPO (whose interview with TalkSport on Wednesday evening confirmed them as Stamford Bridge agoraphobics still obsessed with a non-existent move to Milton Keynes) should start considering whether any location for a new stadium will ever be encouragement enough for them to rise above the fight for fight’s sake and start supporting the club.

More to come...

Tuesday 22 November 2011

It's a funny old game

With the CPO vote descending into acrimony and with fans celebrating this as a victory in their battle with the Club they profess to love, it is disheartening that certain individuals are happily plundering CPO's funds by getting a QC mate to send countless letters of hysterical, pseudo-investigative complaint to CPO which require formal legal response from the CPO. A little mole tells CFCtruth that the CPO's response to the loose cannon is costing them a small fortune. All this because a few people cannot face leaving Stamford Bridge?

Stay tuned, there is more to follow, the truth is out there.