Friday 4 May 2012

What if Battersea?

Today is the deadline for the bids to be in for Battersea Power Station. There appear to be many interested parties and we hope one of those will be Chelsea FC of course.

But let us suppose that Chelsea do make a bid and indeed are successful in acquiring the property - what then? Firstly, we would assume that plenty of fans will be happy to hear it; it is hard to find many fans who wouldn't like to see a fantastic stadium at such a site. We presume the club would pretty soon ask CPO to hand over the shares. Would shareholders do so unequivocally or will we find ourselves embroiled in battles over the price of those shares? Would there be accusations of profit making (our recent blogs on costs should answer that question)? It is likely a bid would be in partnership with others who would share in any revenue generated in the long term. Would there be a group of fans who would still hang on to the idea that redeveloping Stamford Bridge is the only course they would accept? And would that issue of transfering CPO to a new stadium raise its head again? A vote would not have to be unanimous of course, but would campaigns against Battersea spring up, accompanied by any number of new conspiracy theories?

It is all hypothetical, however, since lots of bids are likely but we would hope that in the scenario of CFC bidding for and then acquiring BPS, the future of Chelsea would take on some clarity and momentum.

Come on Chelsea, give us some good news ahead of the FA Cup!

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  1. the sayno types are either too thick or too crafty to ever get behind the battersea bid