Thursday 24 May 2012

A statement of fact

As Battersea continues to be the subject of speculation in the newspapers, we were interested to hear reports that the allegedly highest bidder actually wants to turn the power station into a multi storey car park. On the surface of it, this is something to be pleased about since we don't expect this fits with the vision of anybody concerned for the status of the building. The proposal also wants to increase the number of flats previously agreed by almost double. However, this is political and there is a lot of money involved - never a good recipe. As such we would be surprised at nothing whatsoever.....

On other matters. We have seen recent comments that have attempted to associate Steve Frankham, chairman of the CPO board, with CFC Truth.

We would like to make something explicitly clear. CFCTruth is a loose conglomeration of shareholders and fans. These fans have connections and indeed we receive and share information and contributions from a growing number of people. We do not have committees, boards, memberships or articles of association. We are a blog and a twitter feed, both of which act as a medium for the communication of our information and analysis and to which a good many people have contributory access. We are one voice from many mouths. Our blog has had tens of thousands of visits and our twitter account continues to attract followers. This fully justifies our belief that there is a need for such information and analysis. You agree or you disagree. That is it. And we answer to nobody since we ask for nothing in return.

We have made very clear in the past that we intend only to ensure the full story of the issues surrounding any Chelsea move away from Stamford Bridge is known and not polluted by hysteria, misinformation and corrosive alarmism. Our role (self-appointed though it may be) is to bring news and information we may have heard and to offer some form of analysis of complicated issues. To do that we have used information in the public domain and some that is not.

We do not in effect have a particular "choice" of outcome and have been explicit in stating we will not acquiesce to anything and everything the club proposes. It is true to say that we do not subscribe to the conspiracy theories around the club and have a more open and perhaps benign view but this too is based on logic and calm reflection. There has, therefore, been a particularly depressing - but probably not unexpected - consequence to this and that is a childish assumption that CFCTruth must be in some way associated with or connected to either the club, the CPO board or both. This is an utter nonsense and must cease.

This is not a moment to assess Frankham's role as chairman, a post he has only briefly held in this second tenure. That is for another time and we expect that soon his mettle and his motives may well be tested by any new proposals put by the club. We feel that as things stand, he has achieved some useful objectives, particularly in relation to LBHF. But the suggestion that he is connected to CFCTruth is ludicrous.

To summarise;

CFCTruth is not a campaign group and does not ask people to "sign up"
CFCTruth does not claim to represent anybody - fans or shareholders - beyond ourselves
CFCTruth has not declared a "desired" outcome for CFC's plans for a future stadium
CFCTruth does not campaign for proxy votes to use at EGMs or AGMs
CFCTruth is not in any way affiliated with CFC or the CPO Board.
CFCTruth is a conduit for information. Readers are free to interpret that information and analysis as they see fit.

It is for these reasons that CFCTruth has become so popular with shareholders and fans; because we do not have an agenda beyond presenting the clearest picture we can and because we often present very good information in an independent and logical fashion. It is a shame that such negative interpretations of that aim should become so prevalent and tinged with bilious aggression and absurd conspiracy.

You can rest assured that should the club or the CPO board, in our opinion, take a wrong turn, we will make our feelings on that matter known too.

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