Thursday 10 May 2012


Some deeply worrying talk on our Twitter timeline about land and share profits. Quite apart from the staggeringly inflated notions of what Stamford Bridge is worth (1 billion according to one) we are disturbed at the constant references to what CPO shares are "worth". This sort of thing has to stop because it seriously undermines those who have genuine concerns about Chelsea leaving Stamford Bridge. 

CPO shares cannot be traded and are worth only what you paid for them.

It seems remarkable to us that, setting aside the discomfiting idea that people seem intent on financial gain, those same people believe Abramovic and the club should not seek to make the club's growth self financing. The idea that Abramovic may purchase the Battersea site for about five hundred million, build a stadium that will cost several hundred million, make an enormous contribution to the Northern Line extension AND still have enough left over to repay himself the nearly 1 billion he has ploughed into Chelsea thus far is nonsensical. 

And just for the sake of argument, if he WERE able to recoup his historical expenditure from the long term development of Battersea, would that be an unreasonable thing? None of this would happen for several years in any case but it seems to us that some fans would like Chelsea FC to remain a financial basket case dependent on the largesse of a capricious billionaire (whose largesse is becoming increasingly curtailed) But as long as they made a few quid....How ironic.

The way people are talking, you would think that Abramovic just wants to sell SB, make back his money and go away, leaving us homeless.  That was the suggestion from many at the EGM which was outrageous and silly. Now there is another site on the horizon, the emphasis has changed somewhat but the accusation  of malice aforethought remains.  What is becoming increasingly obvious, however, is that there are some fans who would happily sign up to almost anywhere or anything should Mr Abramovic make an eye-watering offer for their shares. How sad that this should be the case but they should at least be bloody honest about it.

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  1. Most of the talk about how CPO needs to be in place in the new stadium and all has nothing to do with the well being of CFC...They just want to hang on to their little pathetic power..nothing else..What hurts me most is with all these nonsense talk they are really giving a bad name to genuine CFC fans who really bought the CPO shares with genuine reasons like helping the club and for pride..We cant really satisfy these paranoids..If RA with any other club and he offer a opportunity like these to their fans then with in a second they wil agree to it and get a great new stadium..All these guys talk about is based simply on paranoid and gossip and the news gathered from H&F council whores..WE all know how pathetic the council is and how they are playing the double game with CFC.Anyway i really want the club to move forward..So i really hope that the CPO wil let go of the shares for the greater good of the club..Also about transferring the CPO is not at all possible..Nobody in their right mind will allow CPO to remain in place at the new ground for business reasons..RA loves CFC but that doesnt mean he is a brainless businessman..If he leave CPO in the new ground he effectively writing off at least 500 to 1B in value if he decides to sell(i doubt it highly)..Bcz with out the ground all the club has is the name and the brand..