Monday 16 July 2012


We have recieved a comment from someone purporting to be LBHF (which we have taken at face value) asking us to correct the belief, stated in a recent blog, that they had an owning interest in Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions. This we did soon after and were indeed happy to do so in the interests of Truth. We have also apologised. Even the best of us make mistakes. We still challenge the council's assertion that SB is a potential site for a 55-60k stadium and would like them to produce feasibility studies, in the manner of Chelsea FC's recent dossier, to support their claim. We would prefer it if they assisted Chelsea at Earl's Court for example. Suffice to say, CFCTruth will strive to bring the information and analysis forward that will help fans and CPO shareholders to make informed decisions, free of hatred, intimidation and unfounded allegations. We are also saddened to read statements by Campaign55 on Twitter tonight that "anyone who promotes the idea that 55k is not achievable and financially viable is the enemy". We would suggest that they withdraw that remark and suspect a moment of temporary anger was responsible. The truth is, we would all like to see a viable expansion of Stamford Bridge but many feel it is just not a sensible solution. Campaign55 claim to be on the cusp of producing a report that will prove an expansion IS visble. We will study it and comment when they have concluded their work. We believe our website and twitter account have helped bring some balance and reason to the debate and will continue to do so.

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  1. Gate Six (HELLO, HELLO, We are the Chelsea Kids17 July 2012 at 05:00

    You obviously have strong views about the whole CPO, stay or leave the Bridge debate, as we all do. Why do you have to remain anonymous??....It just makes you seem a bit sinister. Are you really paranoid? or are you agents working in the shadows feeding false information into the debate on behalf of unseen forces with a financial interest in a move from Stamford Bridge? (that's us being paranoid).....seriously though why all the secrecy? You should have gone on the Fancast when you were invited.