Monday 30 July 2012


We are often not sure if SayNoCPO are actually serious with their pronouncements.

They have welcomed Fulham's permission to expand their stadium. We had to laugh at that one.
Apparently, "all sides agree" that 55k is possible at Stamford Bridge "if certain egress problems can be overcome".  We had another - even bigger - laugh at that one. 

They are also promising to monitor future share sales in CPO "for evidence of further gerrymandering or profiteers". This would be a different kind of gerrymandering to the gerrymandering they were furiously tweeting about recently; namely that they would try to buy up over 400 of the 1000 shares available annually to block votes. After their misjudged and enormously wild accusations regarding proxy votes of the chairman, one would think they would be taking a slightly lower profile. At this point we were breathless on the floor with mirth.

We at CFCTruth shall be monitoring things carefully for evidence of gerrymandering and profiteering......

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  1. For a blog which claims "not to have a desired outcome for CFC's plans for a future stadium", the editor seems content to poke fun and put down any comments it picks up from other sources which oppose a move away from SB.

    Comments such as "We had to laugh at that one" don't appear to very independent or unbiased. I was hoping you'd be above such remarks.

    Do us a favour, CFCTruth - stick to reporting the facts and leave the childish scoffing and sneering to others.