Friday 23 March 2012

Meeting with the council

We are very pleased to note that the council have accepted the meeting invitation from the CPO board.

We would like the board to ask some of the questions below. We suggest shareholders email the CPO board with questions of their own.

  • Have the council conducted a credible study of their own that shows how a large new stadium can be fitted in at SB?
  • How does the council propose to fit  a stadium that requires 20 acres into a site of just only half that?
  • Will the council assist Chelsea in acquiring permission to demolish the many listed buildings that would need to go?
  • How does the council intend to deal with the largest compulsory purchase in London planning history and the consequent objections of the thousands of people who will lose their homes?
  • Why won't the council agree to a stadium being considered at Earl's Court but apparently seems happy to have one on a site they have persistently restricted in size and capacity in recent years?
  • Were the impossible to become possible, will the council remove the obligation on the development to provide social housing (and if not, where would that social housing fit in?)
  • Will the council agree to reimburse Chelsea for the enormous costs of an inevitably failed planning application that falls foul of countless statutory regulations for stadia?
  • Will the council make a contribution to the eye-watering cost of demolishing and then rebuilding SB
  • Will they make up all the lost revenue Chelsea would suffer whilst being out of the stadium during the project?
  • And in the scenario of, say, a fifty thousand seat stadium, will the council make a contribution to the lost revenue and uncompetitive business model that will exist? How about an annual grant of £30 million?
  • Does Heaven exist?
  • When will the number sequence 1,2,3,4,5,6 eventually come up in the lottery?
  • How much of the £100 million the council will get from Capco for turfing people from West Ken and Gibbs Green estates out of their homes will go towards paying off their massive debt?
  • What is the name of the boat that the council thinks we all arrived on yesterday?

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