Thursday 15 March 2012

CPO to meet H&F

In our blog from yesterday, we suggested that the CPO board should pursue the council for further detail (which was noticeably absent from their response to Chelsea's SB expansion statement) of why they believe the club's home can, in fact, be expanded. We are therefore pleased to see this statement on the CPO website;

"In light of the recent statements from Chelsea Football Club and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) regarding the possible redevelopment of the Stamford Bridge stadium site, the CPO board has requested a meeting with Councillor Nick Botterill of LBHF. We feel this would enable us to obtain a clearer understanding of how the council would assist Chelsea FC on this vitally important issue. We will report back to CPO shareholders once this meeting has taken place."

One hopes the council will accept the meeting invitation and puts before the CPO board facts and figures that are not merely hot air and obfuscation, designed to delay the work of the club in securing our future. With news of their unsuccessful consultation at WK and GG, H&F have some serious problems. CFC have been very clear and open about the work done on the SB expansion and it is time the council gave us more than vacuous words designed to agitate and mislead Chelsea fans.  The meeting, if Hammersmith and Fulham accept the invitation, will enable the CPO board to draw definitive conclusions about the possibilites as set out by the club; we should remember that the entire CPO board were very convinced by the case put to them by Chelsea and their consultants. Can the council provide genuine and credible evidence to the contrary? Will they give conrete assurances that a huge stadium that they will not countenance down the road at the much more suitable Earls Court site is acceptable to them on our small and congested plot of land bordered by houses and railway lines?

It will be a very interesting meeting indeed. If, of course, the council participate in it....let's hope they do.

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