Wednesday 7 December 2011

Pull yourselves together

No sooner do we park ourselves on the internet with a blog and an email address when anonymous emails, accusations and counter accusations begin to clog up the mailbox. We don't even need to do any investigation, so eager are the combatants to fill us in on what is going on. We have to admit that it is rather entertaining in a dark way. Yesterday we were sent a nonsensical, semi-literate rant by somebody who in the process listed a number  of people "under investigation" for alleged links to the club and who had bought shares after the announcement of the buy-back. Before we had even stopped laughing at it another email pinged into our box from somebody claiming that the twitter account that had posted said nonsense was, in fact, a malicious faux-account created by a Mr Todd who was in fact the author of the document. We have heard of Mr Todd but we cannot verify or prove Mr Todd set up said twitter account and nor do we know if he authored the document. We have some advice for the author; publishing information about people's lives and making barely concealed accusations of wrong-doing is not recommended. We also understand that writs have been issued to the Independent newspaper from some of those so accused. For our part, we would point out that the shares were purchased legally.  As were, incidentally, the 41% of the No vote that were also purchased AFTER the announcement. Above all, we would ask all parties not to include us in their petty point scoring.  CFCtruth has no interest in the way in which the No vote was reached. It is past history. We are not sure what this childish document hopes to achieve or what the ultimate goal of its author actually is. If a twitter account has been set up to in some way embarrass a person, we would advise against such activity. Our interests are purely the activity of the club with respect to the future location of a stadium - which brings us on to the meeting, held recently with the new architects and which we referred to in our previous blog.  It would seem that the said architect is indeed putting forward designs for a stadium at Battersea which suggests the club is seriously pursuing this option. What is certain is that such architects do not come cheap. There is one other small tidbit of information that may form part of the overall tapestry and over which you may wish to mull; we happen to know that the firm to which we refer were recently of the view that BPS was not an option. Suddenly, however, they appear to have changed their mind and have now offered their services to a willing club. One can only speculate as to what information came to light to encourage their change of heart.......

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