Monday 26 December 2011

Discretion is the better part of valour....and take overs

The great thing about football fans is their honesty. And their big mouths. When engaged in something they feel is a "mission", they just cannot help themselves and like to tell all and sundry what they are up to. Especially in pubs. It is thus how we come by the information that SaynoCPO intends to effect a board takeover of CPO at the forthcoming AGM. One wonders whether Gray Smith, the SayNo mouthpiece who was invited onto the board to represent all sides has been playing mediator or Trojan Horse? With Mr Todd seemingly confirming the plan on his website one can only wonder what they hope to achieve. It is hard to imagine the club taking a very conciliatory position with a group who seem hell bent on preventing the club developing. Ironically, the club appear to be engaging in plenty of activity that one would expect most Chelsea fans would find acceptable with regard to the potential move. However, some elements, obsessed by their own paranoia (and who tend to contribute to lots of strange conspiracy theory muck-chucking websites) are intent on obstruction. Even though they themselves partook of some highly questionable share purchasing after October 3rd, these same elements are continually risking legal pursuit by casting undiminished aspersions on what were legal purchases. After writs were apparently issued to The Independent, that particular "route to market" was closed off. The fact that these accusations are made anonymously does little to hide the source. We have to put the issue of share purchasing to bed. It is now common knowledge that over forty percent of the No vote was cast by shares purchased after 3rd October. We are not of the opinion that these shares were purchased with a view to forcing the club into upping their offer financially after a No vote. Nor do we believe the story, also expressed by aforementioned motormouth in said pub, that the people who did buy these shares were unaware when doing so that the offer price for them could not, in fact, be increased. We don't believe that at all. We believe they did so in order to prevent the club from moving anywhere. Under any circumstances. Not EC, not Battersea...just not at all. The relevance of this issue becomes less and less profound with every day, with every new commissioned architect. And with every new development in London's political chess game too....but if you want the club to have options for the future, we suggest you make the effort to attend the AGM and ensure that a wholly unrepresentative group of people does not acquire a position to cause great harm to Chelsea FC

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