Thursday 24 January 2013

New director Sean Jones speaks

Sean Jones, the proposed new director of CPO seeking ratification at the forthcoming AGM has left a message on CFCTruth. Charles Rose has already done so and we are happy to also offer Sean a platform to give shareholders a view of his outlook. 

It was depressing to see Mr Jones vilified in a recent article on a Chelsea website, making suggestions that we believe are erroneous and inappropriate. Welcome to CPO Mr Jones! Since these two gentlemen are the choice of the board (CPO is a company and must abide by company law) shareholders are given the opportunity to agree or disagree with their appointment.    No doubt they will undergo questioning at the AGM too. In any case, Mr Jones posted this on an earlier blog and we bring it to the fore here.

"I thought I would leave a comment and complete the set of new CPO Board Directors.

I bought a share in 1995 because I felt that CPO represented a genuine opportunity for fans to be a part of securing Chelsea's long term future. Fractious though the last EGM was, to me it was CPO doing its job: subjecting to critical scrutiny a proposal potentially to move away from Stamford Bridge. Empowering those most passionate about the Club is, I believe, what makes CPO special.

I want to see two things. First, I want to have CPO sell as many shares to as many different fans as it can. The more shareholders we have, the stronger, more diverse and more representative we become. Second, like Charles, I would like to find a way of working that involves more light than heat. We owe it to the fans we represent to make sure we are always focussed on what is best for Chelsea. We could not do that if we simply agreed unquestioningly to whatever the Club asks for. Nor, however, can we fulfill our responsibilities if we refuse ever to deal with the Club constructively.

Personally, I would not want a director on the board whom I was not confident was independent of the Club and whom I did not feel could be trusted to prioritise Chelsea's long term best interests. I can understand, therefore, why people who don't know me would want to be sure I'm not, as you put it, a "yes man". I'm not. When I took the judicial oath I promised to do the right thing "without fear or favour". That's the approach I'll be taking to my role as director.

Best wishes

Sean Jones"

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