Friday 20 April 2012

Something to keep an eye on

As you are aware, we aim to help Chelsea fans - and not just CPO shareholders - to see the wider picture on the matter of Chelsea's future. What we have tried to do recently is demonstrate to those still harbouring suspicions about Chelsea's intentions at Stamford Bridge that the council (LBHF) have some very questionable motives when it comes to their public position on the club's ability to stay where it is.

Questions we have persistently asked include;
'Why, if the council think a 55-60k stadium is acceptable and possible at SB do they not think it is possible at Earl's Court, a site more clearly suited to such a project?'

The answer can be found in many blogs we have posted and it boils down to this; if the council do not sell WK and GG estates (land that is critical to the CapCo and general EC masterplan) they will not get a large wedge AND will have to pay back £10 million. If the estates are not sold then CapCo can redraw the masterplan and we strongly suspect their first phone call will be to the cash-rich-ready-to-move-quickly Chelsea Football club.  So the council want to keep the possibility of Chelsea being able to move as remote as possible. What better way to do so than tell fans the club is lying to them about what is possible at SB? As long as fans vote 'No' to a share buy back, the way is kept clear for the council.

So we are therefore interested to come across this blog:

This chap does his homework and is revealing a great deal about the practice between CapCo and LBHF over the development. The things he exposes tend to show quite how desperate are the council on this matter and what they are prepared to countenance when getting into bed with CapCo. We particularly love the fact that CapCo's auditors are carrying out the due diligence for the council on this one!  It is WELL worth ten minutes of your time to read through some of this stuff. 

This gentleman was very much involved with the issue until he resigned in protest at some of the practices he was seeing.  This is what he said on the matter;

' I have some time ago resigned as a Member, Director and Company Secretary of the West Kensington and Gibbs Green Steering Company Ltd and I explained all my reasons at length on I severed all connection with the Steering Company and Steering Group after I found out about the option scam."

Anyway, some interesting stuff that may well give you something of an insight - especially when you hear the council make baseless statements about what sort of stadium is possible at SB.

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