Tuesday 29 November 2011

Spit it out!

Interesting news has reached us that design company Populous were commissioned by CFC some weeks ago, possibly in order to be involved with the Battersea feasibility project. They have history in such things. It certainly shows that the club are engaging in some very nifty option-exploring projects around the capital and have all and sundry dancing to their tune.

Meanwhile word reaches us from within SNCPO that the people now running the show are Clint “It could still be Milton Keynes” Steele, Mark Wyeth QC, Paul Todd, Dave Spring and Gray Smith, a cabal that managed to push the original committee out of the picture (which certain original members are, allegedly unhappy about). Why, we wonder, can we tell you this when the SNCPO itself refuses to do so? And why are they busy telling all who will listen that Paul Todd is nothing to do with SNCPO any longer when, it would appear, he’s still heavily involved? Very curious.

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